Travel with SplitBikes


  Being built to travel also means being built for your commutes. That’s why we ship a carrying bag with every bike. This specially designed carrying bag allows you to pack your bike safely and quickly. This is how it works; imagine you are riding your bike to work, when you get there, split apart your SplitBikes, bag it, put it on your shoulder, jump into the building elevator, and store it right under your cubicle. It can also keep your commutes clean, just pack your bike into your carrying bag after a messy ride, the carrying bag is waterproof and washable.

So how many SplitBikes can you fit completely into your car without having to sacrifice space for passengers? We wanted to find out too. There are a lot of ways you can pack a SplitBikes into your car. Split apart the middle. Or front wheel off. Or both. You decide how small your SplitBikes need to be. Any way, it will take you no more than a minute to get it done. By the way, our Tesla can fit 3 SplitBikes. Small car, big car, it WILL fit.

Airlines giving you trouble for shipping your bike? No? They make you pay for it. Yes? Bummer. A standard luggage most airlines take without charging your arm is 26 inches. Every SplitBikes can fit into a 26-inch bike luggage (exactly 26x26x10) like the ones sold by, for example, Ritchey Breakaway, Comotion, and Montague, they are standard and very easy to find and cheap. We have traveled with our SplitBikes to many countries in Asia, Europe, and North America, never we run into having to pay extra for shipping it along with us. It is so convenient that we don’t even think about it anymore. You shouldn’t neither.