SplitBikes Design Concept

The patented SplitBikes design is the first high performance full-size all-terrain travel bike in the market.

The SplitBikes frame is designed to split apart and fit into your travels.  You choose a Splitbikes model between a Single Speed or Rohloff Speedhub internal gear hub depending on your need.  All SplitBikes employ Gates Carbon Belt Drive System therefore we take away the trouble of adjusting gears, wheels or brakes pads when you unpack.

The design concept behind SplitBikes is simple: Bikes are for riding and they are here to put a smile on your face.  Bikes are not something we carry around all the time.  We want you to focus on the riding and not on the transportation, that's why we insist in designing a full-size bike with the convenience of travel, not the other way around. 

We hand make every bike, and we seal every shipment with passion.  Just ride.