Who We Are.

The Story of SplitBikes

SplitBikes began with a passionate Dutch designer, Alphons S., and a dream to making it possible to enjoy the freedom of riding a full size, full function all terrain bicycle anywhere your feet lands you.  Being well-traveled, he was stuck in a deadlock where bicycle performance must be sacrificed for portability; he was annoyed with resorting to folding bikes with miniature wheels, squeaking frames, and ride limitations; it took the fun away.  So, Alphons spent 4 years in his workshop developing his dream of a no-mess full-function portable all-terrain bicycle.  We call this core design LOCTube.  Just split the bike down the middle, pack it in the case, bring it where ever your feet lands you.  Do the opposite when you get there, no greasy fingers, no clamped brake pads, no lost parts.  Full enjoyment. 
SplitBikes believes there is a soul in every bicycle.  We hand-make every frame carefully and spark it alive with the best components available.  The ride experience will put a smile on your face. 
Just Ride.